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London trees walking tour

Tree, Bark, Walk!

Join a walk led by Ancient tree expert Edward Parker and Golden Leaf co-founder Elizabeth Marsh. 

Edward will explain how types of trees commonly found in Britain helped shape human history for millennia, providing materials for great technological developments for cultures such as the Greeks, Vikings, Normans, British and even the Egyptians. 

Edward and Elizabeth will explain what urban trees and other street greenery have to offer the modern city dweller today and why they are still so important.

The aim is to help create awareness around the importance of street vegetation and to raise funds for the Golden Leaf of London chariry, to empower the people of London and change our understanding of what urban design looks and feels like. 

Tour duration: 2 hrs 

Itinerary: The tour will take you from Bishops Park by the iconic Fulham Palace along the embarnkemnt and up to Barnes to meet Barney, the giant.  We will then loop back through Putney Common and finishg at Bishops Park again

Departure point: Bishops Park by All Saints Church, London

Date and time: Sunday Nov 12th 2023, 10.30-1pm

Walking in the Woods

Your tour guides

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Elizabeth Marsh

Co-Founder of the Golden Leaf of London and floral designer, passionate about integrating nature into urban design to change the vision of our city's streets

IMG_3102 (002) (1)_edited.jpg

Edward Parker

Expert on ancient trees, advisor to the Woodland Trust and Kew Gardens, hugely knowledgable about the history of trees and how they have shaped our world, both ancient and modern with riveting anecdotes and historical facts 

Tree Lined Path
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