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Take a walk on
the wild side

The planting of the Golden Leaf of London
will take place from spring 2022 to 2025. 

The project is inspired by the structure of a leaf.

A central "spine" rewilding the A4 highway - which runs through Central London - and smaller "veins" connecting the wild, natural and educational spaces in the city.

All of the green routes can be explored on foot or by bike so Londoners and visitors can embrace healthier living, learn to coexist with Nature and together, imagine a thriving future.

Educational Gardening


Spring 2022

We will kick-off the planting of the Golden Leaf of London with a large scale outdoor exhibition where schools from around the country will be invited to co-create four ribbons of vegetation representing the 4 regions of the UK to help them envisage the actual planting of the London A4 Highway and the green walkable routes connecting the urban natural spaces. 

Vertical Garden


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