Healing our connection with nature and helping communities to thrive

By building the Golden Leaf of London, we aspire to lace urban areas with ribbons of vegetation that become unique living sculptures.

Inspired by the structure of a leaf, smaller veins connect the wild, natural and educational spaces to a central spine, all of which can be explored on foot or by bike so we can embrace healthier living, learn to coexist with Nature and imagine a future where, together, we thrive not survive.

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The Golden Leaf idea was conceived by Liz Marsh during lockdown in 2020, as a modern living art project that would put a stake in the sand and commit to a more sustainable world for us and our children.
Her idea got many friends and experts excited and convinced a few to join the project.

A founding team was formed to help shape the idea and germinate the project and set up the charity. 



Liz Marsh

Chair & Founder

Lenka Moore Headshot.jpg

Lenka Moore

Finance Director


Susan Kench

Community engagement

Fiona Marsh 2_edited.jpg

Fiona Marsh

Partners & programs